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Fynches 2024.jpeg

'Fair Days' Fleadh

2pm Sun 4th Aug 2024​

Line-up (subject to change)

The Fynches

The Cliffords

Anna Mullarkey

Dug w/ Lorkin O'Reilly

O Deer


Surfside 61

Christine Deady


1pm pre-show Summer Feast €69

2pm Fleadh Entry €79

5pm Fleadh Food w/ Caitlin Ruth €15


If the weather is good this will be an outdoor event. If the weather is bad it will be undercover.

Fleadh Tickets €79

Summer Feast Reservations 1pm €69

Fynches 2024.jpeg

'Fair Plays' Dráma

 Sat 1st Jun 2024

The Man in the Woman's Shoes

written & performed by Mikel Murfi

Just outside of town, cobbler Pat Farnon lives on his own, contentedly aging in the cottage in which he was reared. Join him as he walks the five miles into his “metropolis,” populated with no-necked water diviners, sporting savants, loudmouths, and preachers.

2pm pre-show Bites & Drinks €20

4pm performance

7pm post-show Summer Feast €59


Weather looks good so we anticipate that this will be an outdoor performance. Bring blankets, cushions or camping chairs to sit on. Peaked caps advisable as bright sunshine forecast.

Tickets €29

Summer Feast 7pm


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